Grand Format White Printing Applications

White Tops your QWality

White printing capabilities are an absolute must today for any production house looking for higher margins and wishing to expand their business to premium high-end jobs.

White printing is used in many applications where the media is either colored or clear. In those cases, white ink plays an important role. It replaces the white that is otherwise provided by the media, it acts as background for the other colors, it helps diffuse the light better in case of backlit applications and in some cases it serves to highlight and emphasize certain parts of the image, according to the design.

White printing on colored media 
 white only printing on colored media  white only printing on colored media
 White printing on clear media 
 Barak 8QW white printing  white on clear printing
 White printing for Window graphics 
 white printing for window graphics
White printing for Backlit Signs
 White printing for backlit sign

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