Barak iPhone Application

Barak iPhone Application for Remote Print Monitoring

Matan offers a mobile productivity tool for production managers and owners of super-wide format print shops.

Owners and managers of super wide format print shops are very busy people. On top of being responsible for the smooth operation of the production floor, streamlining print jobs across several machines and various media, managing operator teams, controlling ink supplies, and keeping track of tight deadlines, they also often are the ones to deal with clients and engage in sales activities.

Barak iPhone application

The Barak  iPhone application was especially designed to alleviate some of this load.  Now Barak iQ and Barak 8Q users can keep track of their grand format printer’s production status via their iPhone or iPad, anywhere, anytime. The app displays the job queue. Clicking on a job allows previewing the file, viewing details such as size, media, printing mode, estimated duration and more. At any given moment it is possible to view the status of the current job being printed, including such details as print speed, ink consumption, estimated time left to completion time. The ink level status is also available and the app can be configured to issue text alerts in case that ink levels run low. All completed jobs appear in the History View, with all the pertinent info.

A shop that owns several Barak  grand format printers can track and check on each of them, allowing for total production control even when away from the production site.

The Barak iPhone application is supported by the Barak iQ and the Barak 8Q printers.

Read more about the Barak iPhone application on Matan’s Blog.


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