Matan Increases its Production Floor by 75%


    Matan Increases its Production Floor by 75%

    Rosh Haayin, May 10, 2013 – Matan Digital Printers, manufacturer of the Barak line of Super-Wide Format UV printers, has recently increased its production floor by 75%. “With an ever-increasing demand for the Barak printers, our previous production space just could not accommodate the required volume and we had to expand” said Mr. Hanan Yosefi, Matan’s President & CEO.

    Over the past year, sales have been generated by all of Matan’s worldwide channels, including both Matan’s local channels under the Barak brand and as well as FujiFilm’s OEM under the UViStar brand. The impressive success of the new8 -colors printer Barak 8Q following Drupa 2012, has projected on the entire Barak line. Matan has seen orders for its entire range of printers, from entry-level Barak 16, through high-performance Barak HS and Barak iQ to the top of the line Barak 8Q, including its variety of unique value-added options.

    The most remarkable phenomenon has been the amount of returning customers, some of whom have lately purchased their third, fourth and even fifth Matan super wide format UV printer. “We regard this as a clear vote of confidence for our products, their reliability and the high value they bring to their owners. They know that they can trust it as their main money maker”, added Yosefi.

    The Barak 8Q and UViStarPro8 respectively feature Matan’s patented PDS Parallel Drop Size technology combined with 8-color printing, resulting in high definition POP printing. Optional value-added features include an Inline finishing system, fully automatic backlit printing and automatic flatbed loading and unloading system.  These unique systems give Matan’s customers today a clear advantage over their competitors, enabling them to have more printouts to be made in a short time, with less need for after-printing processes.

    The Matan line of Super-Wide Format Hybrid UV printers will be presented at several upcoming major trade events, such as PrintPac in Australia, Fespa2013 in London, Grafinca in Peru, Reklama in Moscow, Serigrafia in Brazil, EXPOSIGN & SERIGRAFÍA, Argentina and SGIA in Orlando, Florida.

    About Matan

    Matan Digital Printers has been introducing innovative solutions to the world of digital printing for over 20 years. Headed by a group of leading print technology experts, Matan continues to deliver forefront digital printers and presses for a wide range of challenging industrial applications. The company’s broad range of products is aimed at three major printing segments:

    • Super wide format
    • Traffic signage
    • Labels, tag, decals, membranes, license plates & sign printing

    Our printing solutions allow users to enjoy excellent productivity, top quality output and high durability, while ensuring low cost of ownership.

    Some of the first groundbreaking super-wide format printers that pioneered the large format digital printing industry were developed by Matan as of 1991 and were later sold to other companies and manufacturers. Such were the original Nur Outboard and Wideboard, as well as the original Scitex GrandJet.

    Today Matan markets its innovative systems under its own brand and as Uvistar printers, distributed by Fujifilm.

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