Matan and ORAFOL Americas Inc. now Offer 10-Year Outdoor Warranted Solution for Matan DTS Digital Traffic Sign Printers


    Matan and ORAFOL Americas Inc. Now Offer a Groundbreaking Cost-effective 10-Year Outdoor Warranted Solution for Matan DTS Digital Traffic Sign Printers

    New clear protective layer printed inline offers a low-cost 10-year outdoor warranty for Traffic colors, eliminating the need for off-line more expensive over-lamination.

    Buffalo, NY, January 21, 2015 – Matan Digital Printers and ORAFOL Americas Inc (“ORAFOL”) announce an important breakthrough in traffic sign printing. In a collaborative effort, an innovative clear layer has been developed, for the successful Matan DTS line of digital Traffic Sign printers. The protective layer will be printed over the traffic colors at the same print run and in full print speed. This clear layer provides an extended outdoor protection for the printed signs against fading and weathering. ORAFOL offers a 10-year warranty for signs printed on ORALITE® Series 5900 High Intensity Prismatic reflective film, printed with Matan green and blue traffic colors and the new clear protective layer on top.

    The new clear layer will be sold at a price about 5 times lower than regular over laminate, which makes the Matan-ORAFOL system the most cost effective traffic sign solution on the market by far.

    “Until today, all types of Traffic Signs had to be covered with an over-laminate to ensure outdoor durability against fading and weathering. This over-lamination is both costly and time consuming, involves additional labor work and open to errors. It took two separate processes, first the printing and then applying the over laminate. Now both the printing and over laminating occur inside the printer in a single digital process, said Mr. Peter Brosch, Manager of Matan USA. “Traffic Sign makers have long been seeking a solution that overcome these obstacles, lowering the production cost and lead times. We now have the solution and it is so much cheaper and faster than any other existing traffic sign making system”, added Brosch.

    Matan’s DTS line of Digital Traffic Sign Printers are available at printing widths of 12”, 36” and 40” (30.05 cm, 91.44cm and 101.6cm) and use Matan’s dry ink printing, which is perfectly suited for all types of traffic signage applications. They can print 4 or 6 traffic colors simultaneously and support all grades and types of reflective sheeting.

    Producing top quality output at an unsurpassed high production speed of up to 800 sq ft/hour, the DTS printers are ideal for both short and long runs.


    About Matan

    Matan Digital Printers has been introducing innovative solutions to the world of digital printing for over 20 years. Headed by a group of leading print technology experts, Matan continues to deliver forefront digital printers and presses for a wide range of challenging industrial applications. Matan’s broad range of products is aimed at three major printing segments:

    •               Super wide format

    •               Traffic signage

    •               Labels, tag, decals, membranes, license plates & sign printing

    Our printing solutions allow users to enjoy excellent productivity, top quality output and high durability, while ensuring low cost of ownership.

    A Long History of Innovation

    Some of the first groundbreaking super-wide format printers that pioneered the large format digital printing industry were originally developed by Matan since 1993 and were later sold to other companies and manufacturers like Nur and Scitex.

    Today Matan markets its innovative Super Wide Format UV Printers under its own brand and as OEM under the brand of FujiFilm.


    About ORAFOL Americas Inc.

    ORAFOL Americas Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of premium pressure-sensitive reflective products, graphic films, digital media, laminating films, and industrial tapes used in signage, graphics, digital printing and screen printing applications. The company’s distribution network spans the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.For more information, product samples, or to locate an Authorized ORAFOL Distributor, contact ORAFOL at (888) 672-2251 or visit ORAFOL online at

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