Matan Participated in ATSSA Traffic Expo 2013, San Diego, California.


    Buffalo, NY – February 28th, 2013 –The ATSSA Traffic Expo 2013, was held in San Diego, CA, United States on February 22-26, 2013. Matan Presented the DTS-12 Digital Traffic Sign Printer, the fastest and most cost effective digital traffic signs solutions available in the market.

    The DTS line of printers is the only TRUE GREEN technology and capable of printing on all types of reflective sheeting, with warranty of up to 12 years. “Printing at the impressive production speed of up to 100m/hr, the DTS can handle any fast-turnaround job and provide an efficient solution at peak demands”, says Hanan Yosefi, Matan President and CEO.

    The only traffic sign solution that successfully meets demanding traffic signs requirements

    The DTS printer features production speed of up to 100m/hr for exceptional fast turnaround for the seasonal high demand peaks that characterize this industry. The DTS perfectly meets the requirements for one-of-a-kind signs or sign series with variable data, such as names and numbers.

    The DTS high durability inks have up to 12 year warranty. These translucent inks enable reflectivity from the background substrate, to comply with the strictest retro-reflectivity standards. These inks are available in 6 specialized traffic colors, including red, green, blue, black, yellow and brown.

    Low cost of ownership and fast ROI

    With the market’s fastest printing and low labor cost per square meter, the DTS-36 is the most cost effective solution. The printer requires minimal site setup, media switching is exceptionally quick and it is easy to install, maintain and operate. “The DTS series is the most economic solution for any size traffic print shop, from the one that is doing only couple of thousands of square meter a year to those that are doing few tens of thousands” adds Yosefi.

    100% Environmentally Friendly Solution

    In line with Matan’s total environment friendly philosophy, the DTS is a TRUE GREEN solution with no fumes or liquid waste and very low power consumption can be installed in office environment. All the consumables are recyclable, including the package, core and the polyester films.

    The DTS product line includes printers of three widths: DTS-36, with effective printing width up to 90cm, DTS-40 with printing width up to 101.6 cm and DTS-12 printing up to 30.7 cm. Matan DTS printers can print on a wide range of media types including the challenging Avery Dennison reflective sheeting types 1, 2 and 3. Supported media include T-1500D,   T-5900, T-6500, T-7500 and the T-9500 OmniView series sheeting.


    About Matan Digital Printers

    Matan Digital Printers has been introducing innovative solutions to the world of digital printing for over 20 years. Headed by a group of leading print technology experts, Matan continues to deliver forefront digital printers and presses for a wide range of challenging industrial applications. Matan’s broad range of products is aimed at three major printing segments:

    •             Super wide format

    •             Traffic signage

    •             Labels, tag, decals, membranes, license plates & sign printing

    Our printing solutions allow users to enjoy excellent productivity, top quality output and high durability, while ensuring low cost of ownership.


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