PDS Technology

Matan’s patented– Parallel Drop Size – PDS technology sets new standards in terms of print quality and productivity.

A smart software algorithm enables the printing of both small and large drops in the same pass. Thus small 20 picoliter droplets are injecdted simultaneously with 40 picoliter drops. Fine details are created by the small 20 pl droplets, while ink coverage is achieed by the larger, 40 pl drops.

Consequently, high definition print quality is achieved, while maintaining the highest production print velocity that the Barak iQ super wide format UV printer is renowned for – up to 353 sqm/hr (3800 sqft/hr).


This proprietary technology is now brought up to the next level in the new Barak 8Q, where PDS is combined with 8-color printing, producing beautiful high-definition images for both outdoor and indoor applications.



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