EFI Matan Superwide Printers

Matan UV Line – The Ultimate r2r superwide UV Printers

Matan’s line of superwide  UV printers  includes a wide range of all-in-one solutions for indoor & outdoor applications. These roll to roll printers support both flexible and rigid media, at the best cost of ownership available. The EFI Matan and Quantum printers are available at 3m and 5m.

These printers offer a unique combination of value added features, designed to accelerate ROI, increase productivity, minimize waste, reduce labor and enhance ease of use and serviceability. The EFI Matan product line has the perfect solution for any type and size of print provider.

  • EFI Quantum 3

    Experience Phenomenal HD Quality The EFI Quantum 3 was specially designed for HD indoor close-view applications. Based on Matan’s proven super-wide format platform, the Quantum printer features 7pL droplets, LED UV-curing and LED UV curable inks. Combined with an impressive collection of add-ons, the Quantum is the best and most versatile all-in-one high-quality printer. Proven and reliable […]

  • EFI Quantum 5

    EFI Quantum 5 Expand into profitable high-definition and close-view indoor applications with the EFI™ Quantum 5. Featuring 7pL drops, LED UV-curing, and an impressive collection of optional accessories, the Quantum 5 is the best and most versatile all-in-one high-quality printer.  Highlights Proven and reliable Matan Core technology Powerful LED curing technology Seven picoliter drop size for […]

  • EFI Matan 3

    EFI Matan 3 – Superb quality at maximal speed The EFI Matan 3 superwide UV printer offers high standards of print quality, productivity and usability. With the innovative PDS technology, the Matan 3 super wide format UV printer produces superb print quality, while maintaining super-high production speed. A set of value added optional features enables owners to enhance productivity, […]

  • EFI Matan 5

    EFI Matan 5 – Superwide Printing at its Best. With an unmatched Performance/Quality/Value ratio, the EFI Matan 5  is the first choice for all high-quality and high performance applications.  With the patented PDS technology, the Matan 5 delivers unprecedented high definition print quality.  With a unique package of value-added features and options, ensuring increased productivity, minimal waste, reduced labor and […]

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