EFI Matan iQ Specifications

Printing Technology
Print heads: Piezo drop-on-demand inkjet technology
Resolution: True 600 dpi, up to 1200 dpi apparent
Ink: ‘Matan UV’ – pigmented UV-curable inks for up to 2-year outdoor durability
PDS print technology Patent pending by Matan
Throughput: Matan iQ, 5m – up to 353 m²/hr (3800 ft²/hr)
Matan iQ, 3m – up to 297 m²/hr (3200 ft²/hr)
Coverage: *Up to 180 m²/liter (1940 ft²/liter)
Ink tanks : C, M, Y, K
Handling: Roll-to-roll , multi-roll, freefall, Optional flatbed
Flexible media support: Flex or self-adhesive vinyl, PE, mesh, blue back/white back paper, backlit, flag, Tyvek, , canvas, carpet, one-way vision, wallpaper, spiniker, coated and uncoated media
Rigid media support: Foam PVC, acrylic, aluminum, foam board, glass, wood, Dibond,  (up to 25mm / 1″ thick)
Max print width: Matan iQ, 5m– 500cm (197″)
Matan iQ, 3m– 350cm (138″)
Max media width: Matan iQ, 5m– 530cm (209″)
Matan iQ, 3m– 380cm (150″)
Software: Fiery® XF, Caldera or other system available in the market
File formats EPS, PS, TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.
Operating Conditions  
Operating Temperature: 20º C to 29º C (68º F to 85º F)
Humidity: 50% – 80% non-condensing
Compressed air: 87 psi (6 bars), air flow of 15 cf/m (7 liters/sec), dry and clean air (not included)
Electricity: 230  V / 50 Hz / 3 phase 32 Amp, 4.6 KW printing consumption (10 KW peak)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 
Matan iQ, 5m 820cm x 135cm x 210cm (322″ x 53″ x 82″)
Matan iQ, 3m 670cm x 210cm x 110cm (264″ x 53″ x 82″)
Flatbed dimensions 330cm x 125cm, 330cm x250cm, 165cm x250cm,165cm x125cm
(130” x 98”, 130” x 49”, 65” x 98”, 65″ x 49″)
Matan  iQ, 5m net: 5,870 kg (12,940 lbs) crated*: 6,370 kg (14,043 lbs)
Matan iQ, 3m net: 4,350 kg (11,794 lbs) crated*: 5,750 kg (12,676 lbs)

* Based on Matan’s testing and average consumption at customers’ sites

* Crated weigth may vary up to 300kg  (660 lbs)

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