Media Saving Wizard

The Media Saving Wizard changes the entire approach to media management. No more mistakes resulting from false roll length calculations. From now on each roll of media will be utilized to the end.

Each time a new media roll is loaded, the operator is prompted by the Wizard to enter its length into the software. Before replacing the used roll, the operator gives a command that prints a stamp on the rim of the roll, indicating the remaining media length, calculated by the system. The roll will be cut before this stamp, so it remains on the end of the roll. The next time the roll is used, the operator will check the stamp to ensure that the remaining media is long enough for the print job.

This unique new workflow saves expensive media by preventing media length calculation errors and eliminating media wastage on miscalculated prints. It saves valuable machine time and improves media stock management and overall production yield.

Read more about the Barak 8Q Media Saving Wizard on Matan’s Blog.

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