Matan 4Q Optionals

The Matan 4Q includes a pack of unique value-added optional features, to ensure increased productivity, minimize waste, reduce labor and provide unrivaled ease of use, for the highest and fastest ROI in the market.

Matan 4Q Optionals include:

Flatbed+ Barak8Q_flatbed_800px
Enables printing on a wide variety of rigid materials
Edge-to-edge printing
Quick switching from roll-to-roll to rigid printing
Fully automated solution when integrated with the loader & un-loader

Automatic rigid media loader and un-loader
Capable of feeding multiple units of rigid media from a magazine Barak 8Q flatbed loader
Controlled by a click of the mouse, totally eliminating the need
for manual loading and collecting
Increases flatbed production throughput
Maximizes utilization of overall machine print time
Available in several sizes, up to a full format of 330 x 250 cm (130” x 98”)
Enables printing on almost any rigid media in the industry
Foldable for storage, saving floor space
Available sizes: 330 x 250 cm, 330 x 125 cm, 165 x 250 cm, 165 x 125 cm (130” x 98”, 130” x 49”, 65” x 98”)

Fully Automatic Backlit Printing

Automatically prints double-sided jobs with perfect alignment between both sides Barak 8Q Backlit printing
Camera-guided software algorithm is capable of detecting any misalignment between the two sides and automatically corrects registration for perfectlyaligned double sided prints
Simple and easy fully automatic system
Eliminates the need for guesswork and manual manipulation
Reduces required operator’s skill level
Find out more about the Matan Automatic Backlit Option in Matan’s Blog

In-line Finishing
Includes easily adjustable slitters and roll-to-sheet cutter Barak 8QW inline finishing
On-the-fly cutting enables printing and finishing on the printer
Enables in-line finishing, saving valuable time at the finishing station
Fast & accurate finishing
Prevents finishing errors and increases yield
Find out more about the Matan Inline Finishing System in Matan’s Blog
Watch the video to see how it works.

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