DTS-36 Digital Traffic Sign Printer

The DTS-36 Digital Traffic Sign Printer is the fastest and most cost effective digital traffic signs solution available in the market. Its exceptionally fast turnaround is perfect for seasonal high-demand peaks.

This 36″ (0.91 m) thermal transfer printer is your best choice for printing traffic and road sign applications, including:

  • Traffic Signs,
  • Street names,
  • Way-finding signage,
  • License Plates and
  • Complex color graphics.
  • Exceptionally high speed – up to 100 m/hr (328.1 ft/hr) linear
  • High outdoor durability of up to 12 years
  • Reflective colors meeting and exceeding the MUTCD and ASTM D4956 standards
  • 4 colors simultaneous printing
  • Traffic color ribbons (red, green blue, black, yellow, brown)
  • CMYK images and spot colors
  • Lower costs compared to electronic letter cutting or screen printing
  • No more weeding
  • Lower inventory thanks to on-demand printing of short runs
  • Reduced labor costs and shorter production times with simple processes
  • Environmentally friendly Green system. No fumes, no hazardous materials, no need for venting systems and environmental costs.
  • Clean system that can be installed and used in an “office” environment.

Open your business to new markets and opportunities and enjoy immediate savings with this cost effective solution.


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