DTS-36 Specifications

Printing Method Thermal Transfer
Colors Up to 4 colors in one pass
Resolution 400 dpi (hardware), 800 dpi apparent
Max Printing Speed (linear)** Up to 100m/hr (328.1 ft/hr)
Media Width Up to 910 mm (35.82″)
Effective Print Width 902 mm (35.51″)
Printer Dimensions L=166 cm  (65.3″)
W=134 cm (52.7″)
H 100 cm (39.4″)
External RIP s/w

SAi PhotoPrint

RIP format


Image data format

Tiff bitmap: 400dpi/800 dpi

Workflow RIP’s on-the-fly for Tiff Bitmap files. EPS or postscript files can be RIP’ed on an external standard RIP station
Ribbons (consumables) Special traffic colors, spot colors and process colors, for printing on reflective media and various vinyls
Substrates Avery Dennison reflective sheeting types I, II and III including, T-1500D, T-6500D, T-7500D and the T-11500D OmniCube series sheeting, vinyl and more.

*Specifications are subject to change without any notice

** Printing speed may vary (depending on media used, resolution and energy level).

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